Bluey - Blog article - Letter to fans
New Blueys are coming!

Dear Bluey fans,

My name is Joe, I created Bluey and I’d like to write a note to you as we sign off on the first 52 episodes and commence work on the next ones.

I get asked sometimes which is my favourite episode. The answer is Calypso and the reason is this:

Calypso, an Aussie Shepherd, takes her kids play seriously. She examines, diagnoses, supports and guides it with the lightest touch, ultimately allowing the play to erode away indolence, build persistence, encourage imagination, hone reason and most importantly foster cooperation, leaving in it’s wake future mothers, fathers, soldiers, tradies, business owners, scientists and artists (or animators).

Letter to fans

It also has great music, animation, art direction, voice acting and sound design but more on that later.

It is of course idealistic, as is every Bluey episode. Real life rarely works out so neatly, as some of your heartbreaking letters have reminded me.

My intention for Bluey wasn’t to show real life, but to create a seven minute refuge from it, where you’re reminded of the joy of being a kid and hopefully of raising them.

Yes, MacKenzie is inspired by Dog from Footrot Flats

Thank you to everyone who wrote, emailed, posted or tweeted to us. This first season is the result of a group of hard working, dedicated professionals leaving absolutely nothing on the bench until the job was done. I’m so proud of each and every one of them and the enthusiasm with which you have embraced our work means so much to me and them.

It also means we can do it all again, which we’ve started already, new eps are underway. In the meantime, please try not to get sick of our show! (Doing the maths on the iview figures, some of you are being made to watch these things a few times.)

A few quick answers to obscure questions which are my favourites: Yes, MacKenzie is inspired by Dog from Footrot Flats, JeanLuc is French Canadian (Labradors are a Canadian breed), I wish I lived in the Heelers house too and it’s best not to ask where Stripe and Trix get their money from, but they assure me it was legal.

Thank for watching and remember to check for ticks.


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