All signs lead to… Uncle Rad and Frisky’s Wedding! Have an extra special peak at the unforgettable wedding that everyone is talking about and cherish life-long memories in the Heeler’s family album. Witness a beautiful celebration filled with love, laughter, and special moments that will be treasured forever.

The bride and the groom, Uncle Rad and Frisky, say yes to a happily ever after full of almond milk shampoo!

The most adorable flower girls: Bingo, Socks, Muffin and Bluey, with Frisky and Uncle Rad.

The ‘Unbeatable Trio’ – Uncle Stripe, Uncle Rad and Bandit Heeler.

Frisky’s bridal party: Lookin’ good ladies!

The wedding party of Uncle Rad and Frisky jump for joy on the big day!

Say cheese… and crackers! Uncle Rad and the Heelers.

The happy couple: to have and to hold!

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‘The Sign’ is a 28 minute Bluey special – four times the length of a normal episode!

When the Heeler home goes up for sale, Bluey is not at all happy about the news.

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