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SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t watched the latest episodes of Bluey, then push play play on them first before reading on…

A few weeks ago, new episodes of Bluey arrived on Disney+, and fans have been sharing an impressive array of reactions. From hilarity to heartbreak and everything in between, explore fan reactions to the latest episodes of Bluey!

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On what was widely dubbed “New Bluey Day” by fans, January 12th stirred up Christmas Eve-levels of excitement for global Bluey lovers, as they anticipated the return of their favourite Heeler family…

As the world awoke to a brand new day, the watch parties official began with Cubby, Exercise, Relax, Stickbird, Show and Tell, Dragon, Wild Girls, TV Shop, Slide and Cricket premiered on Disney+ for the very first time!

the cubby effect

One episode down, and parents all around the world were shocked to find renovations under way in their very own living rooms! Inspired by Bluey and Bingo’s gift to Kimjim, impromptu cubbys – a sacred childhood ritual carried through the ages – were built at a record speed!

@flutterbybai Genuinely imlressed with this build by my 5 & 2 year old 🥹 Please don’t judge my crummy couch that I just vacuumed 2 days ago 🥲 #Bluey #blueytok #SAHM #fort ♬ Bluey Theme Tune – Bluey
@theheartfulhomemaker They made some great memories and were so proud of their creation!!! Day 5 of negative degree temps and we are running out of inside activities 😅😂 tomorrow is supposed to be 40 🥹 I could cry!!! #bluey #blueytok #kids #relatable #relateablemomcontent #momhumor #momlife #momsoftiktok #fyp #foryourpage #relatablemomcontent #reallifewithkids #makememories #stuckinside #coldweather #momof3 ♬ Bluey Theme Tune – Bluey

the heeler’s holiday

As the Heeler’s embarked on their family holiday, audiences fell in love with fancy ladies: Melanie and Olympia!

Did you enjoy that spa bath, Olympia?

S3E40 – Relax

While the kiddos giggled through the spa baths, grown ups were having a very different reaction: as Chilli found it hard to wind down in Relax and Bandit struggled with something on his mind in Stickbird.

More fan favourites

Dragon also got the tears flowing, as we met Chilli’s Mum for the very first time in a tender flashback.

And finally, Rusty took centre stage on the pitch as we met his sister Dusty, brother Digger and played a neighbourhood game of ‘Cricket’ – as the rest of the world watched Australia’s favourite Bluey episode for the very first time.

And so the cycle continues as we find our way back at anticipation. So what’s up next for Bluey? Stay tuned to find out more… 

You can find out more about the new Bluey episodes below.