Animation student Pablo Marambio (Raigmann) based in La Serena, Chile is a huge fan of the show and recently shared this wonderful 3D rendering of the Heeler’s house on social media. We liked it so much that we reached out to him to find out what it is about Bluey that he finds so captivating.

Tell us a little about yourself…

I’m studying animation, but I’m a professional illustrator and I also do Manga comics.

How did you discover Bluey?

My friend showed me the ‘Sleepover’ episode. I just liked it so much because it made me remember the time when I stopped having naps when I was a kid and brought back memories. I wanted to keep watching to see what happened and now I can’t stop watching Bluey.

Why do you love Bluey?

The main reason is because I feel like I can relate to the characters and the stories they tell. The most important episode for me is ‘Yoga Ball’ when Bingo has to find her ‘big girl bark’. Watching it made me feel weird, but it helped me figure out that I wanted to speak with my dad about myself and how I feel about some things. After that episode I told my dad I’m Bi, so thanks to that episode my relationship with my dad got better.

What inspired you to make the 3D room video?

At the beginning it was just homework for my university, but then I found something that made it personal, because my friend passed away. I broke into tears for almost a week – my friend was my age. It really highlighted how fragile life is and it made me realise the things I want to do in life. Watching Bluey and making this 3D model gave me comfort and made me feel good. In the end this 3D model has part of me and part of my friend in it. The process of making it helped me during a time of loss.  

How long did it take you to make it?

It was like a month but I was also doing other projects for my university. It became more than homework for me. I did it as me-time.

How did you make it?

With this programme Blender you start with just a cube. I started searching images of the Heelers room, watching Bluey episodes. It was tricky. I was watching and reproducing it at the same time. First, I made the three walls, then I made the doors, then the stairs, the balcony and so on. The main structure and then the props basically. Every object works on its own. I can move every single model, every single plant, every single book. Everything moves.

What has the hardest part of making it?

The hardest part was the bookshelf and the stairs. This programme doesn’t work too well on diagonals so I had to make some adjustments so it could work.

What is it about the Heelers home that you connect with?

It feels comfy. Some day in the near future I would like to go and live in Australia and the Heeler house is just like the house I would like to live in. So comfy, so relaxing, warm and toasty.

Who is your favourite Bluey character and why?

My favourite Bluey character is Bandit because he is the kind of father I wanna be. He’s just such a dynamic character. He finds a way to play with his kids even when he has to do something like go to the supermarket or go to the dump. Whatever he does, he just plays with his kids. He’s amazing.

3D Heeler house creator, Pablo Marambio (Raigmann)