From beachfront hotels, to riverside holiday homes, to campsites in the bush, the Heelers like to mix things up when it comes to family trips. 

This handy guide pulls the best and worst bits from the Heelers’ holiday hijinks so you can fine-tune your own family break. 

Perfect Packing

First step in the Ultimate Family Trip – perfect your pack list. It’s important not to leave the vital stuff behind. 


A pack list would have helped Bandit and the girls on their visit to The Pool. Rashies, towels, noodles, goggles and morning tea were all dismissed by Bandit as “boring”, and left behind; leaving the girls hot then cold, hungry then…bored. 

If you do forget something, you can always try to improvise — like the girls do when their tablets are seemingly forgotten on a Road Trip. They make their own fun by playing “Computer Game” on the window, and “Petrol Station” on the arm rest. 


If all else fails, just leave the luggage to the most reliable packer of the group — in the Heelers’ case, that’s Chilli… 

Making nEW fRIENDS

Vacations are about spending time with your loved ones — until they start driving you up the wall. If you have any Muffin-like relatives, it’s good to have back-ups to hang out with in case things get a little hairy. 

From Grey Nomads to surfers, locals to tourists, you never know who you might meet when you’re travelling.


So go with an open mind, ready to make new friends; like Bluey did while Camping. She met Jean Luc, a French-speaking labrador, and despite the language barrier the two hit it off. They became great buds, bonding over a shared love of hunting wild pigs (AKA Bandit).

 The only tough thing about making new friends on holiday? Saying goodbye when it’s over. Although you never know when you may meet again… 

Play On-The-Go

There’s memories to be made on a trip away, and without the comforts of home — toys, TV, tablets — it’s time to get creative with your holiday play. 


Bluey and Bingo are experts at this. Sticks become flying missiles, targets and bird sculptures in Stickbird. Scooters are more than a mode of transport in Piggyback — they’re racing chariots.  And in Relax, towels become mermaid tails and hair turbans for fancy ladies. 

Take Time To Relax…

The packing’s done, the road trip’s over, the kids are exploring their new digs, so now there’s just one thing left for parents to do — put their feet up.


Sometimes, this is harder said than done; the more you try to relax, the less relaxed you become. So, like Chilli in “Relax”, take a leaf out of the girls’ book and “just go about it”. Happy to live in the moment, Bluey and Bingo appreciate all the little touches they don’t get at home, like toilet ribbons and bubbly spa baths. 

So lie back, take a deep breath, take inspiration from the Heelers — and let the holiday vibes come to you!