Announcing ‘Bluey’s Family Dinner’ range, in partnership with Gousto!

The Bluey Family Dinner range includes 12 bespoke recipes inspired by the show, which will arrive for UK audiences from 23 March 2024.

Do you feel like settling in with a melty, tomatoey pizza girls margherita? Or will you go on an epic, aromatic king prawn curry quest? Grab your magic asparagus, it’s time to eat dinner … for real life.

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Plus, you can get the kiddos excited for dinner with extra fun challenges, questions and games that the whole family can play around the table. Whether it’s Magic Asparagus IRL or the ultimate This or That quiz, the Bluey & Gousto Table Talk game will make your evening one to remember.

Gousto Bluey Family Dinner range

All recipes from Bluey’s Family Dinner are available to order now if you’re already a Gousto subscriber, with delivery from 23 March 2024.

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Bluey and Gousto are joining forces to make dinner time extra fun and extra delicious.

All recipes from Bluey’s Family Dinner are available to order now if you’re already a Gousto subscriber, with delivery from 23 March 2024.

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Time for a delivery. Get the squirts cooking up a storm with herby tomato sauce, creamy mozzarella and extra crispy pizza bases. Pair with a cucumber salad for the kids with extra rocket and a drizzle of chilli oil for grown up taste buds.

This hearty hotpot is courtesy of Chef Bingo. You’ll simmer cannellini beans and sausages in a tangy tomato sauce before topping with potato and baking till bubbling. Finish with minty peas for the grown ups or keep them as is for the squids. Try not to slip on your beans like Rita!

There’s always time for bacon. For this easy pasta you’ll stir pepper, tomato and crispy bacon lardons through spaghetti or pile it on top for the kids. Grate over plenty of cheddar and add a grown up twist with peppery capers.

No curry swaps here. You’ll simmer king prawns in a rich tomato sauce with garam masala before serving over sultana and carrot rice. Top it with herby almonds if you want, or leave off for the kiddos. Ready? Start your quest!

This is fish and chips, the Bluey way. You’ll bake breaded fish until deliciously golden before serving up with fries, buttery peas and a spicy curry ketchup. Don’t forget to hold the ketchup if you’re like Bingo and don’t like spice.

Wackadoo! Take a recipe out of Chilli’s book with a cheesy pasta bake. You’ll whip up an aromatic sausage and black bean sauce before tossing through pasta. Top with cheese, bake till melty and finish with or without extra coriander and red onion. Let’s take this to the max.

Tuck into a takeaway with this aromatic chicken curry, packed with carrot and yellow pepper. If you’re like Bandit and love some extra spice, finish with a drizzle of crunchy chilli oil and serve over rice. Perfect.

Cheesy does it. This speedy orzo is packed with juicy cherry tomatoes, garlic and creamy soft cheese. Plate up with crispy cheese-topped asparagus spears and a sprinkle of pine nuts for the adults. Then tuck into a game of Magic Asparagus, for real life.

Bluey’s burger shop is open for business. Level up your BBQ game with chicken breast smothered in smoky sauce. Load it into brioche with crispy lettuce and serve up with golden fries and pickled or plain cucumber on the side. Order up.

Can’t forget the spring rolls. Make Bandit’s dreams come true with crispy pork, soy and carrot-stuffed tortilla rolls. Plate up with stir-fried greens and drizzle over sweet chilli sauce with extra fresh chilli for the adults. Let’s do this!

Get ready to create your own fancy restaurant  with these vibrant tacos. You’ll load tortillas with aromatic beef mince filling before topping with zesty red pepper and coriander salsa. Keep it simple and hold the vinegar if you’ve got tiny taste buds (just like Bluey and Bingo) to please.

Bring on the BBQ. You’ll coat chicken in a sticky tomato paste, Henderson’s relish and smoked paprika sauce before pan-frying. Finish with crispy potatoes and corn salad on the side with smoky butter and spring onions for the grown ups. Is your salad as good as Bingo’s?

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