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Bandit loves playing games with his kids and really getting into character. Reintroduce yourself to some of Dad’s best alter egos.

5. ooh-ooh the stinky baboon

Welcome to the zoo! To your left, gentle giraffes and cute pademelons. To your right… a big stinky baboon! Bandit plays his best big ape in this episode, making friends with an inquisitive and trusting toddler: Snowdrop.

When the ape escapes with Snowdrop in hand, the chase is on for Zookeeper Bluey. Despite her mother’s protests, Snowdrop makes friends with the wild animal who eventually introduces himself as ‘Ooh-Ooh’.

4. Gallahop

Despite their best efforts to relax and watch a game of cricket, Bandit and Uncle Stripe are roped into a game of Horsey Ride by their daughters, whereby the two brothers – or rather, ‘Sparkles’ and ‘Gallahop’ – have to trot them around the backyard.

To distract Socks from destroying Bluey’s favourite toy. Sparkles and Gallahop are married in a big horsey wedding where Gallahop gets the chance to be the perfect groom… before being left at the altar.


When kiddos don’t like tidying, the only solution is to start up Daddy Robot! When Daddy Robot takes his instructions a bit too literally, he malfunctions and decides the best way to keep the room clean is to put Bluey and Bingo (the cause of all the mess) into the wheelie bin outside!

Lazy children be warned: Daddy Robots will ALWAYS find the easiest way to do something – no matter the consequences.

2. shaun

Bluey and Bingo really want to get a pet, but Dad reminds them they already have one… Shaun!

“Shaun” is actually Dad’s hand that he pretends is a cheeky emu who just can’t be tamed. Shaun goes on a wild rampage; making a big splash in the bathroom, throwing the couch pillows all over the place, and even pounces on poor Lucky’s Dad in the street.

1. Unicorse

And…. Why should we care?! He’s the lovably insufferable puppet and all round ‘Grub’: Unicorse is full of energy and is one of Bandits most crazy characters. When Bluey can’t fall asleep, Unicorse is on hand to annoy her to sleep with a range of disruptions and distractions.