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Get the family together because we’ve got some classic games you can all enjoy. Grown-ups really do make great horseys, handy sat navs, and fabulous robots!

1. Play the robot cleaning game

If you have a messy room that needs tidying, it’s time to call in the robots! The job of the robots is to do as their master asks. Get ready to pull out your best robot moves and use your robot voice to shout ‘yes master!’

2. Drive a taxi

You have passengers and they need to go places! Be sure you know the way to the airport, zoo or Stumblytastics. If in doubt, use your sat nat to help you get places. Grown-ups make great sat navs! Be sure to carry a spanner (wooden spoon) in case you have any pickles with your doodad!

3. Open a zoo

Set up a zoo, look after your animals and invite guests to visit. Pop on your zookeeper hat, put up some fun fact posters for each of your animals and take your guests on a guided tour!

4. Play The claw

Build your magic claw by making a pile of teddies, grab some chopsticks and have your coins at the ready. If your coins are running low, start the game by doing some jobs around the house to earn more. Save up and play to be in with a chance of winning fabulous prizes. Cha-ching!

5. Hide and seek

Decide who is hiding and who is seeking! Get your seeker to count to 20 or sing a song, and see if they can find everyone. If in doubt, hide behind the curtains!

6. have a Horsey ride wedding

You’re cordially invited to the wedding of Sparkles and Gallahop. To set up your horsey wedding, get the chairs in place, play some music and dress your horseys in their veils. Grown-ups make great horseys! Be sure to show your guests to their seats and give them nice wedding hats to wear. Now you can read the wedding wishes from your wedding book!

7. Play finding fairies

Start by sitting everyone in the same room. Now choose a fairy. Everyone else is a finder. The finders have to close their eyes while the fairy hides tiny objects (or tasty treats) around the room. The finders can now open their eyes and take it in turns to walk around the room to see if they can find the treats the fairy has left. The closer a finder gets to a treat, the louder the fairy can shout ‘fairies’!

8. Eat your asparagus

Set the table and enjoy a nice meal, accompanied by a game of Asparagus. If you have the wand of asparagus, point to someone at the table and shout the name of an animal. That person now has to do their best animal impression!

9. follow the leader

Decide who takes the role of the leader. The leader’s role is to take their followers on a magical journey. The leader needs to collect all their followers and begin marching, making sure their followers stay right behind them!

10. Climb Mount mumandad

Grab a bag and get packing because it’s time to start your expedition and climb the mountain! Be sure to pack a flashlight and a trusty map. Start your climb at the bottom of the mountain (of pillows) and keep going until you reach the top. When you’ve reached the peak, finish up by planting your flag!

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