What you’ll need

  • A trampoline.
  • A sprinkler (for ‘Salad Spinner’)

Game One: Juicer!

  1. Each player picks a fruit.
  2. The juice maker lays the different fruits down in the juicer (the centre of the trampoline) and switches on the juicer by jumping up and down to make the fruit jiggle and juice.
  3. Players can take it in turns to be a fruit or the juice maker so everyone gets a turn at being ‘blended’.

Game Two: Eggs!

  1. Crack some eggs and get them scrambled! Players pretend to be eggs and lie on the trampoline on their backs with their arms around their legs.
  2. The ‘chef’ jumps up and down to bounce the eggs and make them ‘crack’. Eggs crack by release their arms from their legs.
  3. Then scramble the eggs by tickling them!

Game Three: Salad Spinner!

  1. Place the sprinkler under the trampoline.
  2. Switch on the sprinkler and get ready to get wet!
  3. Players run around on the trampoline pretending to be lettuce in a salad sprinkler.