Bluey Takeaway Playset

Recreate some of the most memorable moments from the Bluey Episode ‘Takeaway’ when Dad takes Bluey and Bingo to the ‘Golden Crown’ for some takeaway! This Bluey Takeaway Playset allows you to ‘Play and Carry Away’!


  • Comes with three articulated 6-8cm Figures: Bluey, Bingo, and Dad
  • Fold down the back of the restaurant to reveal the play area. Set up the Restaurant with all the fun accessories, 2 Chairs, Table, and Fridge
  • Includes 7 Accessories. When you’re finished playing Pack all the accessories inside and carry away your Playset using its handle
  • Collect all the other Bluey Figures. They are all the perfect size to work with the Bluey Takeaway Playset