Bluey GoGlow Dream 3-in-1 Nightlight, Torch & Sleep Trainer

Let Bluey send your little one into Dreamland with the Bluey GoGlow Dream! This 3 in 1 Nightlight, Torch and Sleep Timer is perfect for bedtime, storytime and playtime. Bluey is ready to say goodnight and go to sleep in her own sweet little bedroom. Place Bluey into bed to magically illuminate a warm glowing Nightlight that fades out after 10 minutes. This comforting and reassuring Nightlight uses icons to teach kids when it’s time to sleep and time to wake up. At night a Moon will glow when it’s time to stay in bed and in the morning a Sun will glow to show it’s time to get out of bed. You can even set Bluey’s GoGlow Dream to magically glow with a soft white light half an hour before it’s time to wake up, signalling to your child that it’s ok to start the day.

But that’s not all Bluey can do. Lift Bluey out of bed to transform into a handy Torch that’s the perfect size for little hands to use. Plus the Bluey GoGlow Dream includes a fun free-play mode allowing children the freedom to create their very own Bluey stories! Putting your child to bed really is a dream with Bluey to help you out!


  • Bluey 3-in-1 character night light, torch and sleep timer
  • Night Light: Place Bluey into bed to illuminate the glowing night light that fades out after 10 minutes
  • Torch: Lift Bluey out of bed to transform into a handy torch
  • Sleep Timer: Set a timed countdown allowing your child to fall asleep with the reassurance of a bedtime nightlight
  • Battery operated