Bluey Bicycle Playset

Bring the fun and imaginative play of Bluey home with Bluey’s fun range of Vehicle and Figure Packs. Join Bluey as she goes to the park and learns to ride her bike. Pop Bluey’s helmet on her head and place her on her bicycle. Help her balance and ride. “Bluey’s Bike” Pack also comes with a Park Bench and a “Bin Chicken”! The 6.35 cm Bluey Figure is wearing her elbow and knee pads to stay safe as well!! She is articulated and has moving arms and body. She is just the right size for pre-school hands to move and play with. Children will love to recreate some of the most memorable moments from the show with these adorable toys!


  • This “Bluey’s Bike” Figure & Vehicle Pack includes one 6.35 cm toy Figure and Bike accessory to ride on plus other fun play accessories.
  • Bluey is poseable for realistic play!
  • Bluey has a Helmet accessory that she can wear. She can also sit on her bike.
  • The Bluey’s Bike Pack also includes a Park Bench and Bin Chicken Play pieces!
  • Collect all of the Vehicle and Figure Playsets!

Coming Early 2022