We all know Valentine’s Day is all about the romantic stuff. But did you know about Palentine’s Day on February 13? It’s a day to celebrate all types of love in our lives! From our playmates to our four-legged friends, Palentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to say thanks to everyone who makes our lives sweeter.

Ready to share the love? Here are some activities and heartfelt gifts guaranteed to make your pals smile.

Forever friends

Want to tell your mate just how great you think they are, but don’t know where to start? Whether you want to express how you feel in a few words or many, penning them in this Bluey friendship card is the way to go. 

Game on

You and your pals are pros at coming up with all types of whacky games that have you in stitches. Now try your hand these Bluey friendship cards. Colour them in and set the rules. There’s no right or wrong – just use your imagination!


Do you have a best friend forever (BFF)? They’re that person you can always rely on — and have a massive giggle with! Like Chloe, Rusty, and Coco. To celebrate the power of their friendship, we’ve got three colouring sheets ready for you to bring to life.

Sweet treats

Surprise your friend with a special sweet treat! It’s a deliciously thoughtful way to show them how much they mean to you. Try making a batch of Bluey lamingtons, it’s a simple recipe and they’re sure to be gobbled up.

adventure time

Invited your friend over for a playdate, and wondering what to do? You’ll find heaps of exciting ideas in this Bluey camping adventure booklet. From DIY crafts to a thrilling treasure hunt, there’s lots of fun activities!

Whether it’s Valentine’s or Palentine’s you’re celebrating, have a wonderful day!