Spoiler Alert: Be sure to watch ‘Ghostbasket’ before reading on!

The Heelers made their eagerly awaited return to our screens this weekend, with the first of Bluey’s special episodes, Ghostbasket, making its worldwide debut!

For the first time EVER, the episode dropped globally on ABC in Australia and Disney+ elsewhere around the world… and boy, did it serve up some drama! There were house hauntings, havoc and hilarity aplenty, as the Heeler’s navigated a pretend game of “House Sale”. Or was it pretend after all…

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 The Grannies Return

They’re baaaaack! Janet and Rita were up to their old tricks all over again, this time attempting to foil a real estate agent’s plans to sell the Heeler House. Fans were thrilled to see their favourite eccentric duo return, and made their joy known:




“We’re about to make some Fancy Grannies and watch the new Granny episode of Bluey!” -justjenlewis

Ghostbasket Sightings

“What exactly is a Ghostbasket?” That’s the burning question on everyone’s lips that has finally been answered (hint: it’s a laundry basket – but ghostly…). The revelation triggered a wave of copycat hauntings, with terrified parents documenting their encounters:


This Ghostbasket comes direct from the house of the episode’s lead animator Chris Bennett!



There was also plenty of excitement to revisit some of the less-spooky residents of the Heeler home including the gnomes and the long dogs!



for sale

It was all going so well for the Grannies before Bandit dropped a clanger — the scene zooming out to reveal a “For Sale” sign in the Heelers’ front yard in the episode’s final moments. Turns out their imaginary game wasn’t so imaginary after all….


won’t somebody think of the neighbours?!

While concern for the Heeler family was at an all time high, there was also MAJOR worry for how some of their neighbours would react to the news…



Learn more about some of Bluey and her family’s current neighbours below:

What’s next?

On our Instagram Broadcast Channel we asked fans for an emoji that best represented the first reaction to the episode – and the results spelled out an equal amount of love and shock!








Will the Grannies be left homeless? Will there be more hauntings involving homewares and garden tools? Will the Heelers really sell their house? Many questions (and wild conspiracy theories) are on everyone’s mind…



Find out in Bluey’s next instalment…The Sign! Premiering on ABC in Australia and worldwide on Disney+ Sunday 14 April. The 28-minute Bluey extravaganza is not to be missed. Set your alarms… all the signs have been leading to this!


Learn more about Ghostbasket

Dad is pretending to be an estate agent selling the Grannies’ house to Mum. But Janet and Rita don’t want to move out!

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Get ready for the sign

‘The Sign’ is a 28 minute Bluey special – four times the length of a normal episode! Premiering on the ABC in Australia and Disney+ elsewhere around the world, on the 14th of April 2024.

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